Tradiatorz engulfed the trading market as a diversified indenting company, focused on providing quality products and sustainable services to various industries within regional markets; while working with reputable global suppliers. Our approach towards business is far beyond generating the transaction; instead we believe into building long term relationship with adding value to our customers’ business.

Through our well-organized business divisions, we adequately handle the diversified supplies and services to numerous industrial sectors with impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands. The head-office is at Karachi with active presence in the main industrial areas of Pakistan.

Our trained and professional team initiates and organizes its business with foreign and local associates ingeniously while using its array of network, market information and experience. The worthwhile resources are at its disposal to monitor the opportunity and turning it to feasibility with preparation and persistence.

Understanding the challenging dynamics of industrial sales and sourcing industry; we project, plan, develop and adapt the strategy with our key resources to respond the evolving needs of the market just in-time.

Our knowledge of market trends and emerging product innovations enables us to address the unique challenges presented by the Construction, Textile, Paints, Coatings, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Energy and manufacturing industries, to name a few.

That’s why we say;
We offer right solutions connecting through innovation & competence to your business in your own way






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Our roots are submerged in the trading business since two decades that flourished with formal business entity founded in 2015. Long after the humble beginning as reputed general traders here; we expanded our portfolio to other regional & international markets as a comprehensive solution provider for customized, value added solutions to our esteemed customers.

Within a short span of time the company has emerged as prominent players in the indenting business – backed by in-depth market intelligence, effective planning with the support of dedicated sales & marketing professionals assisting our customers in correct purchase decision strategically.

The integrity, dedication and professional business ethics combined with industry specific knowledge, experience, and relationships developed over the years are qualities valued by our associates.  With a strong core team of dedicated professionals meeting the requirements of material, machinery and services of the industrial world, the focus has always been on introducing world class technologies to meet the growing demands.

That’s why we say;
Excellence is not our act, it is our habit

Our professionalism adheres to quality, transparency, commitment and responsibility.  It’s the relation with all stakeholders that we strive to strengthen, while looking over their interest to prosper mutually.

Sustainability is one of our top priority and we continuously strive to improve our performance on this ground by meeting the regulations and norms within local and global communities.

We believe in protecting and nurturing the environment together with our customers and business partners, since the safe environment is the most productive environment.

With pride in our accomplishment as a company and enthusiasm for significant future, our gratitude is in particular to our customers, partners and team who have made our realization possible.

That’s why we say:
Coming together is just the beginning; Working together is the ultimate success.

To source and supply products, services and solutions with best terms and timings for giving a competitive edge to our customers as well as beneficing mutually our supply chain partners. We are committed to execute precise teamwork to provide positive Customer Service experience through courtesy & focus along with improved operational efficiency.

We are focused to growth through new ideas, new products and strong partnerships with continuous improvement of business process while ensuring prompt and efficient sales and after sales services. The prime reason of our existence is to be YOUR supply-chain partner for working for cost effective solutions while meeting your quality standards.

That’s why we say:
Purpose of our existence is to sustain YOUR business

With our pivotal role played for bridging in the global expertise to the local industries, we are committed to create and maintain trustworthy customer relationships built on the foundation of excellence.

While having progressive management accompanied with dynamic, professional and dynamic team, we intend to evolve into a name that is synonymous with quality, consistency and growth. We endeavor to enhance the competence of our team for sustained improvement.

That’s why we say:
We do efforts so you don’t have to.